La Tazza Fresca: A great North Campus hideaway

By Zach Miller

La Tazza Fresca is a great little coffee shop nested on 37th street and Guadalupe.

T Fresca is rich with both large and small tables. There are tables everywhere. This coffee shop caters to students needing an alternative and cool place to study or just a small group of board-gamers who also like java.

The owner roasts the beans herself which is equally cool and funky. A regular cup of joe has accents of cinnamon because it has been incorporated in the roasting process.

All the drinks I have enjoyed at La Tazza have been on the sweeter side. I tried the Cafe Zino which is two shots of espresso which is pulled with brown sugar lining the basket.

And unlike more purist styled coffee shops you can get a large variety of sweet drinks that also pack that lovely caffeine punch. The variety of sweet drinks is refreshing because if provides an outlet for people who want a desert-like coffee drink without having to go to Starbucks. The sweet tooth can be satisfied while that Austiny need to keep it funky doesn’t get stifled by a venti caramel frappe with extra whip cream on top .

Locating La Tazza Fresca may be hard. The Groovy Lube sign is a better indicator that the shop is close because their sign is on top of the building and also shrouded by trees. On the plus side once you find the Groovy Lube there is the option to get an oil change AND enjoy the chill La Tazza Fresca vibe.

La Tazza Fresca
519 West 37th St.
Austin, TX 78705
(512) 453-0403
View Yelp page


One response to “La Tazza Fresca: A great North Campus hideaway

  1. My roommates actually found La Tazza Fresca a couple years ago and always raved about how great it is for studying. I didn’t really understand the appeal until I went myself. Now I would definitely recommend this as a nice, quiet study spot for anyone who has a lot of cramming to do.

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