Genuine Joe: A North Austin coffee secret

By Zach Miller

Genuine Joe has  much to offer its coffee shop patrons. This shop is located on Anderson Lane close to Burnet Road. While a Wal-Mart may be two blocks away, Genuine Joe shoes that Austin can do good coffee regardless of the distance from the Capitol.

Unlike many coffee shops in Austin, there is a parking lot that can accommodate more than a dozen cars. The shop can also seat more than 25 people comfortably.

Genuine Joe is nicely furnished with chic and eclectic furniture that isn’t worn to oblivion. There is also a variety of seating at tables so if studying needs to be done the comfy couches won’t win the battle.

Although the man working the bar couldn’t tell me who roasted the beans, he did tell me they featured blends from Costa Rica and Sumatra. All that is nice but sometimes it is nice to get more information about the coffee than you expected not just what was written on the bag it came in.

On the whole, Genuine Joe was a pretty cool place. It is refreshing to see such a nice coffee shop so far from downtown. As a North Austin resident I like being able to find a cozy barista bar that doesn’t require a highway and 20 minutes to reach.

Genuine Joe
2001 W Anderson Ln
Austin, TX 78757
(512) 220-1576
View Yelp page


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