Houndstooth Baristas prepare for Competition in St. Louis

By Zach Miller


Samantha McCrary preparing a cappuccino for the mock judges.


To prepare for a barista competition this weekend the Houndstooth Coffee staff held a mock competition.

Although the event mainly brought together friends and employees, this gathering created the comptetition setting for Baristas Daniel Reed and Samantha McCrary.

Each Barista had 15 minutes to prepare their station and then an additional 15 for the brewing and cupping. The competition was graded on first an espresso, then a cappuccino and finally a signature drink .

Samanthas signature drink consisted of espresso fused with gin, champagne and lemon zest. I was lucky enough to have a taste of this cool drink, and it was fantastic.

Her presentation was very professional as well as creatively put together. Samantha displayed thorough knowledge of drinks while incorporating a Houndstooth coffee mentality and even a flower display representing each drink.

Although I didn’t get to see Daniel’s performance I’m sure he did a great job. He has always been overly knowledgeable and helpful when he works the bar.

These two will do a great job representing both Austin and Houndstooth coffee in their region of the U.S. Barista Competition.

Houndstooth Coffee
4200 North Lamar Blvd., Ste. 120
Austin, TX 78756
(512) 531-9417
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