The Steeping Room: tea at its finest.

A cupcake that can't be finished alone

by Zach Miller

The Steeping Room is a high caliber tea house squeezed in the middle of the upscale Domain mall in North Austin.

With over 100 different types of tea to brew from white tea Jade Oolong to a black tea like Jasmine Silver needle, simply put the menu is overwhelming. Luckily the staff would love to get you a table and tell you anything and everything about the extensive tea list. Not to mention they have a wide array of vegan and gluten free foods and treats.

Not that I have eaten all the cupcakes from all over town, but they make the best cupcake I have ever eaten. I have, on multiple occasions, brought people to the Steeping Room to brag on this delectable treat.

The daunting wall of tea at The Steeping Room

Although the Steeping Room is more of an sit down and eat establishment, they have a cool menu and and a nice weekend brunch spread, the relaxed atmosphere isn’t geared to push customers out the doors to turn tables.  They will serve you a pot of tea and give you some more hot water when you need it.

They serve a few specialty drinks but what they do brew, they brew well. They have about seven “tea-tails” like a Chocolate Chipotle Chai, a heated battle between the rich chocolate and the frothy, spicy chai tea.

As a final note they do brew a great cup of coffee as well. There is a Starbucks located next door and I will deliberately get a cup of Ethiopian yergacheffe coffee pressed because, despite the extra change and few minutes of brewing, it will be the better cup every day of the week.

The Steeping Room
11410 Century Oaks Terrace Suite 112
Austin, TX 78758
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8 responses to “The Steeping Room: tea at its finest.

  1. Annika Erdman

    I’m so glad one of the coffee spots is up in my neck of the woods! I know so many funky, good places are downtown or in South Austin. Can’t wait to head over to the Domain to check them out – thanks for the tip!

  2. I’ve actually heard quite a bit about this place and I’ve wanted to stop in. Next time I’m splurging up at the Domain I’ll definitely drop in.

  3. I love The Domain, and I’ve been there quite a bit, but I’ve obviously missed this place! It sounds like it would beat Starbucks any day. Having it closer to my apt than some of the places downtown is also a plus.

  4. I went to a tea bar in Houston once that was similar to this. Sadly, it was so expensive for a cup of tea that I never went back. What are the prices on these things?

    • The prices vary depending on what you get. If you sit down and share a pot of tea it can be very reasonable like $4.50 for a pot yeilding something like six cups. It can also be more expensive depending on the type and quality. Their specialty drinks aren’t any better priced than Starbucks.

  5. I actually just had a conversation about this place with someone. I haven’t tried it out yet, because as far as tea rooms go I’m still stuck on Tea Embassy. I’ll have to give this one a shot, though. That cupcake looks scrumptious.

  6. Wow, I just got in to drinking hot tea recently, and it’s a new obsession. I usually make my own, but sometimes the prices on the tea I like are outrageous. I went to Teavana in a mall, and paid $30 for a pound of tea, and had to pay an extra $3 for the store’s special “tin” that they weigh out the tea in. This place sounds reasonable. I was worried at first about it being in the Domain, I guess I tend to think of that area as very high class. But 4.50 for a pot sounds reasonable, and I’m really excited about trying the Jade Oolong, and I’m hoping they have some great red teas too. Thanks for the tip!

  7. I went to the Steeping Room today with my mom and sister, and had a great cup of Jasmine Peach white tea, which I got to watch steep in front of me in a clear pot. I enjoyed it along with a chocolate cupcake which tasted pretty run-of-the-mill, but was still a good treat. The service here IS NOT great, but the prices will draw me back here when I’m in the Domain area again. Overall, five stars for the food and drink, two for the atmosphere and wait staff.

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