JP’s Java: A Close-to-Campus Getaway for UT Students

By Julie Bissinger

JP's Java, located within walking distance from the University of Texas campus, offers an ideal study environment and high quality drinks. Photo by Julie Bissinger

JP’s Java offers a cozy environment and delicious coffee drinks for University of Texas students and professionals alike.  This coffeehouse is a bit tamer than some of the previous places that I’ve been to.

Located just outside the UT campus at 2803 San Jacinto Blvd., JP’s Java is within walking distance for UT students who live on campus and a short bus/car ride for those who live in the neighborhoods bordering campus.  During my visit, almost everyone at JP’s appeared to be college students working on homework or socializing with friends.

JP’s uncluttered indoor seating area contributes to the coffeehouse’s relaxed atmosphere.  The large windows make the coffeehouse seem more open and less confining.  Random paintings adorn the walls, but none of the decor is too distracting, making this an ideal place to study.  The background music, featuring different genres like classic rock and 90’s rap, also isn’t too loud.

JP's Java has limited indoor seating, which contributes to a quiter and more work-friendly environment. Photo by Julie Bissinger

JP’s drink menu sticks to the coffee basics.  Instead of trying to get too fancy, JP’s offers traditional coffee drinks that are high quality and reasonably priced.  The coffeehouse boasts that it only uses coffee roasted by Washington state’s Zoka Coffee & Tea Co. According to JP’s website, Zoka “was named Macro Roaster of the Year for 2008 by Roast Magazine.”  Tea, smoothies, beer and wine are also available.

I figured I’d try to be consistent with what I order from the various coffeehouses that I’m blogging about.  Following this sentiment, I ordered a small vanilla latte at JP’s.  Of the vanilla lattes that I’ve had so far, this one was definitely the best.  The balance of espresso, steamed milk and vanilla was perfect.

The vanilla latte at JP's Java included a creative leaf design and an admirable blending of flavors. Photo by Julie Bissinger

In addition to the drink menu, patrons can order sandwiches, pizzas, and pastries.  UT law student Eric Werlinger, who said he occasionally comes to JP’s to study, ordered a supreme pizza.

JP's Java supreme pizza, made with pepperoni, peppers, olives, onions and mushrooms, is just one of the several food items available for patrons. Photo by Julie Bissinger

“It’s good for a coffee shop.  It’s not blow your mind or anything, but for a coffee shop, it’s really good,” Werlinger said.  “JP’s is just a nice place to get coffee and get decent food.”


One response to “JP’s Java: A Close-to-Campus Getaway for UT Students

  1. Destinee Hodge

    I’ve been here before but I’ve never tried any of their food. Perhaps I’ve never considered getting pizza and a latte at the same place. I may actually give it a go.

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