Don’t get in traffic, go to Pacha instead

pacha coffee house

Pacha's "Pachamama" logo is a fertility goddess from the Andes.

By Zach Miller

Pacha is a cozy little house with a landmark coffee cup sign on Burnet. Although this coffee shop is located on a busy street, the mood inside is lax and friendly.

To those who find themselves struggling to get north at traffic times, Pacha can serve you a great latte and some relief from the hustle and bustle. At 4618 Burnet Road it would be a quick detour from Mopac.

I was suggested to try the Pacha Latte and I’m so glad I did. This frothy delight was gently sweetened and had a mellow nutty aftertaste. It took me 20 minutes to figure out why I enjoyed it so much, the walnut-iness was perfect.  I am firmly against any combination of sugar and coffee, BUT this signature drink brought it all together nicely. As most lattes go, they are mostly milk and just a bit of coffee. Even though this combination isn’t terribly appealing to me, I will absolutely go back for this drink. Superb.

Pacha uses locally roasted Texas Coffee Traders medium and dark roast beans as well as Cafe Brazil beans which were described as “more earthy” in flavor.

The wonderful Melissa who worked the counter said all their food is organic, except the cheese, and they make everything in the shop(breakfast tacos, emanadas, etc.)

Melissa is also a great seamstress, she and I go way back.

Unfortunately Pacha only have 7 parking spots and being on Burnet Road it can be hard to get in and out of the parking lot.


2 responses to “Don’t get in traffic, go to Pacha instead

  1. This is a great post, Zach! I’ve thought about stopping there a few times, but I didn’t know if it would be worth it. I definitely need to try this Pacha Latte. It sounds perfect.

  2. I’ve heard about this place but never visited- I’ll for sure have to try it now! And you should really stop by the Texas Coffee Traders warehouse- they sell individual cups of coffee, but they also have an extensive collective of everything coffee-related (brewing machines, cups, etc.), as well as an area with artifacts and photos from where the coffee is grown. It’s a really neat place to visit, especially if you’re writing a blog about coffee.

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