Monkey Nest: good coffee, great atmosphere!

The clean and neat coffee bar at Monkey Nest


By Zach Miller

Monkey Nest is truly the median between the funky coffee houses of Austin and the corporate coffee giant looming on every corner.

I will never admit I like anything related to Starbucks, BUT I have to say Monkey Nest feels like a corporate shop enlivened with master Baristas and a community consciousness I can wrap my head around.

The strange thing about this Austin original is that it feels like it would be apart of a chain, but oddly it isn’t. Monkey Nest is just neat, bright and fresh. Which is  the quality that sets it aside from other locally owned coffee shops. Not to say others aren’t clean or bright, just sometimes the Starbucks atmosphere is desirable.

Which Barista Jessica Nixon tells me is one of the ideas behind Monkey Nest’s design. The shop isn’t targeted towards anyone in particular, rather to everyone in some way.

Their are at least 30 leather chairs(yes I said leather!) all throughout pairing at least 20 tables. They also serve Texas Coffee Traders beans providing that locally owned Austin-centric vibe. The espresso is good.  I didn’t try anything fancy, but I have a hunch they would have something sweet/citrus-y/tasty if my palate was calling for it.

ask for what you want and the Baristas will happily try to make something tailored to your tastes

A big perk has to be the parking, there is a big lot. Also there is a huge TV in a separate room in the back of the shop.

There is something appealing to just about everyone at Monkey Nest.

Monkey Nest
5353 Burnet Rd.
Austin, TX 78756
(512) 505-8033
View Yelp page


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