Halcyon, Not Your Ordinary Coffeehouse

By Julie Bissinger

Halcyon is an upscale bar/coffeehouse hybrid located in the heart of downtown Austin. Photo by Julie Bissinger

Upon walking into Halcyon, I immediately noticed that it didn’t resemble previous coffeehouses that I’ve been to.  The loud music, full bar and tobacco shop surprised me.

Halcyon, located at 218 W. 4th St., is a “coffeehouse by day, bar and lounge by night,” according to its website.  This description sums up Halcyon in a nutshell.  

Halcyon caters to a different crowd with its classy, chic atmosphere.  Patrons in their late twenties and early thirties along with business professionals make up Halcyon’s target demographics.  This coffee shop is also more of social gathering spot than a place to get work done, mainly due to the seating arrangements and loud music.

The menu features traditional coffee drinks found at other coffeehouses, with the exception of the espresso cocktail offerings.  I ordered a comparably priced iced vanilla latte.  The latte was much stronger than previous ones I’ve tried.

Halcyon's iced vanilla latte is made with high quality ingredients and is much stronger than others I've had in the past. Photo by Julie Bissinger

I also ordered Halcyon’s famous Tableside S’mores.  This treat definitely brought me back to my childhood.  The s’mores can feed two or four people.  For two people and $6.00, you receive six marshmallows, a bar of Hershey’s milk chocolate and eight graham crackers.  All of which are served on a platter that includes a mini grill used to roast the marshmallows.

Halcyon's Tableside S'mores let patrons roast their own marshmallows to create their own s'mores. Photo by Julie Bissinger

Halcyon houses an upscale bar that serves drinks until 2:00 a.m.  4th Street Tobacco is nestled alongside the bar.  The tobacco store includes a walk-in Humidor and sells a variety of high quality cigars, cigarettes and other tobacco-related products.

Halcyon features a full bar, serving its signature cocktails, and a tobacco store that sells high end tobacco products. Photo by Julie Bissinger

Halcyon provides an upscale change of scenery from other Austin-area coffee shops.  It retains an Austin vibe, but the coffeehouse’s uniqueness sets it apart from competitors.


2 responses to “Halcyon, Not Your Ordinary Coffeehouse

  1. i really like this place! i went there for happy hour but mainly the s’mores and the ambiance is great!

  2. i was just there this past week drinking an iced latte! it’s interesting, the frugal drinker just posted about the s’mores at halcyon! you guys both seem to give them a favorable rating- now i definitely have to try them!

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