Cupprimo: On-the-Go Sweets and Drinks

By Julie Bissinger

Cupprimo Cupcakery & Coffee Spot, located at 8650 Spicewood Springs Road, serves up coffee and freshly baked cupcakes to patrons. Photo by Julie Bissinger

Convenience is at its best at Cupprimo Cupcakery & Coffee Spot.  The shop specializes in serving coffee drinks and fresh-baked cupcakes from its tiny North Austin location.

Boasting more than 20 different cupcake flavors and a large coffee menu, Cupprimo caters to those with a sweet tooth and caffeine cravings.  There is limited seating, making Cupprimo more of a grab and go place.

Cupprimo is more of an in-and-out type of place with its small interior and limited seating. Photo by Julie Bissinger

The strip mall that houses Cupprimo looks a bit sketchy.  The shop stands out like a sore thumb, but it was difficult to find at first.  You can’t readily see Cupprimo from the road.  I had to make a few U-turns before I finally found it.

Cupcakes are available in mini and full-size versions.  The minis cost $1 each or $10 a dozen, and the full-size ones are $2.50 each.

I ordered two full-size cupcakes:   red velvet and black-and-white.  The cupcakes are huge.  I had trouble finishing just one.  The red velvet’s cake was moist and featured a cream cheese frosting that wasn’t too cheesy.  I’m usually not a fan of cream cheese frosting, but this one was tasty.  The black-and-white cupcake had chocolate chips mixed into the chocolate cake with a white butter cream frosting on top.  Both of the cupcakes surpassed my expectations.

Red velvet (left) and black-and-white (right) cupcakes are available daily while other flavors are rotated throughout the week. Photo by Julie Bissinger

The coffee was a bit of a disappointment.  I ordered the $1.99 latte.  The coffee seemed watered down and bland.  The cheaper price was enticing, but the drink’s quality suffered.  If you’re on the go and want something fast, Cupprimo works. There are lots of other coffee items on its menu.  Otherwise, I’d just stick to cupcakes.


2 responses to “Cupprimo: On-the-Go Sweets and Drinks

  1. Those cupcakes look delicious! I’m really not much of a coffee drinker and I have a pretty enormous sweet tooth, so this place sounds perfect for me and is definitely a place I plan to go to sometime soon. From the looks of it, it’s actually pretty close to my parents’ house in North Austin, so it looks like I’ll have even more reason to go home and visit now!

  2. Cupcakes have become almost a sub-culture in Austin lately. These actually look good and worth the price. I wonder if they sell hot tea, or just coffee?

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