Ruta Maya: latin coffee latin culture

Ruta Maya is hidden up on a hill in this awesome brick building.
by Zach Miller

Ruta Maya is a large coffee house on the south end of town that not only brews a good cup of jo but also hosts a variety of latin american cultural events.

This mellow pad is a great place to hang out for many reasons. Ruta Maya roasts their own fair trade arabica beans that are imported from Chiapas Mexico.

They have a very decently priced cigar shop in the back, if thats your thing.

They have a bar at night which accompanies their dancing on certain days of the week.

Ruta Maya even has open mic nights which often host spanish speaking/singing artists, which is pretty cool. With yoga classes salsa classes and poetry readings, Ruta Maya has so much to offer so many people.

Anywhere I can go to do yoga, dance some salsa, and get some locally roasted coffee scores high in my book.

This awesome venue is a coffee shop by day but really a cultural hotspot in disguise.

Ruta maya pillars

Ruta Maya's painted pillars representing South American culture.


One response to “Ruta Maya: latin coffee latin culture

  1. I used to come here a lot in high school because they hosted poetry slams, and a lot of my friends were really into slamming. I really liked this place, I think I’ve tried a few of their coffees and some of the food items they offer, and I remember liking all of them. The atmosphere is also very nice, especially for things like poetry slams and open mic nights.

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