Apothecary isn’t Just a Cafe and Wine Bar

By Julie Bissinger

Apothecary Cafe & Wine Bar, located in central Austin, offers a quiet environment for patrons to relax and enjoy good food and drinks. Photo by Julie Bissinger

Several of my friends recommended that I try out Apothecary Cafe & Wine Bar. I’m glad that I listened.  Apothecary served up one of the best lattes I’ve had so far.  Their food was just as good, too.

Located in the Rosedale Village Shopping Center at 4800 Burnet Road, Apothecary is ideal for catching up on work or taking advantage of happy hour deals.  The environment does not resemble that of most other Austin-area coffee shops.  The cluttered, artsy interior that is characteristic of many Austin coffeehouses is replaced with spaciousness and a sophisticated aura.  Apothecary caters to people in their 30s and 40s with its soothing folk/jazz music and wine bar.

The cafe offers an extensive coffee selection.  I ordered “The Tex” latte, made with caramel and raspberry.  I immediately caught a whiff of both the caramel and raspberry aromas once the barista served the latte.  The latte also had a distinct, but not too overpowering, caramel taste.

Apothecarys "The Tex" latte included caramel and raspberry flavors that gave the drink a sweet smell and distinct taste. Photo by Julie Bissinger

The wine bar at Apothecary houses lots of specialty wines from around the world.  Patrons can receive discounts on bottles during the daily happy hours.  Beer and tea options are available, too.

Apothecarys wine bar includes an expanive selection of international wines. Daily happy hours offer patrons deals on bottles. Photo by Julie Bissinger

I also ordered a mozzarella and basil pesto panini.  I was quite surprised at its large size.  The panini tasted fresh and had just the right amounts of cheese, pesto and lettuce.  I’d definitely order it again.  Apothecary’s food menu also includes salads, cheese plates and crepes.

The mozzarella and basil pesto panini featured a good balance of cheese, pesto and lettuce on perfectly grilled bread. Photo by Julie Bissinger

Definitely stop by Apothecary for lunch or happy hour.  The baristas are friendly, and serve your food/drinks fast.


One response to “Apothecary isn’t Just a Cafe and Wine Bar

  1. My sister used to work at JR Salon (right next to Apothecary) and I always overlooked the restaurant in the past. I think maybe I judged it based on the font of their sign, but I assumed it was a little hokey. Sounds like I was wrong, and it’s a good spot to check out!

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