Kick Butt Coffee isn’t so Kick Butt

By Julie Bissinger

Kick Butt Coffee has two locations in the Austin-area, one at 4600 Guadalupe (pictured) and 5775 Airport Blvd. Photo by Julie Bissinger

I stumbled upon Kick Butt Coffee over the weekend before I met some friends for dinner at the Triangle.  I decided to come back, and check it out.  I figured the place must be called Kick Butt Coffee for a reason.

Once I walked inside, I was a bit surprised.  Martial arts equipment and Samurai swords adorned the walls.  The menu was typed in Asian-themed font.  I felt as though I was in a sushi restaurant that smelled of blueberries.  Ironically, Kick Butt does not serve any Asian dishes, unless the “Jackie Chan Cheddar and Ham Samich” counts.

Kick Butt Coffee features an uncharacteristic martial arts inspired theme. Photo by Julie Bissinger

I praise Kick Butt’s owner for trying to be different from other Austin coffee shops, but I don’t think the theme works.  Something about the atmosphere is off.  It’s hard to tell who the coffee shop aims to attract.  The full bar and random menu items add to the uncertainty.

Kick Butt Coffee offers daily happy hour deals at its full bar. Photo by Julie Bissinger

Kick Butt has an extensive food menu, including sandwiches named after martial artists and pizzas.  The breakfast menu even includes classic cold cereals.  Lots of baked goods are also on the menu, but I didn’t see many of them during my visit.

Kick Butt Coffee offers a variety of pastries, such as blueberry scones, cookies, muffins and cakes. Photo by Julie Bissinger

I ordered a sugar free English Toffee iced latte.  It’s consistency and taste compares to Starbucks’ Frappuccinos.  The drink wasn’t bad, but it lacked originality.  Lots of coffee drinks are available and can be ordered with one of the many flavored syrups.

Live performances by local bands, poets and comedians are scheduled throughout the week at both of Kick Butt’s locations, which are at 4600 Guadalupe and 5775 Airport Blvd.

If you are craving a good coffee drink from a relaxed environment, I’d skip Kick Butt.  But if you’re near either of the locations and need a fast pick-me-up, Kick Butt’s perfect.  Just note that there are definitely better coffee options in Austin.


2 responses to “Kick Butt Coffee isn’t so Kick Butt

  1. The owner also runs a martial-arts school on Airport Boulevard, so that’s the reason for the unusual theme. IIRC he figured Airport needed a coffee shop so he started one. Agree that it’s not a hangout but it does what it does fairly well.

  2. I love this place! I go during the day most of the time to study for a couple of hours. Very unique!

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