Teo: traditional espresso and gelato


a traditional cappuccino lightly drizzled with cocoa powder.

by Zach Miller

Teo is a traditional Italian espresso and gelato shop off of 38th Street across from the Seton Hospital. Foursquare has many tips recommending this as the best espresso in town, and who knows they could be right. The La Marzocco espresso machine shows the attention to Italian detail and prowess.

Although I personally didn’t get an more-than-averagely-fancy espresso art I would like to see what the baristas can come up with from the photos they posted on the website.

An example of espresso art from caffeteo.com

They brew Anderson coffee beans as their default but also offer an imported, and much more expensive, Italian bean for select brews.

After trying their the cappuccino I had to see if this import was worth the $4 price tag. It was exceptionally tasty, fruity, tart, and had a malty sweet finish. The consistency was a bit strange to me because it was thinner than most of the expresso shots I have had. This didn’t take away from the flavor at all, it was just different. But $3.25 before tax for a single shot of espresso, it had better be the best I ever have.

I really like the atmosphere of Teo, they have a decent sized seating area and a pretty cool patio.

coffee patio awesome

I found it impressive that there was a wall of newspapers and magazines. Being able to sit and act like I’m reading The Economist is just another reason for me to want to go and have a coffee.


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