Thunderbird on Koenig, beer specials! plus good coffee too

A little clipping next to the Thunderbird register I found funny.

by Zach Miller

OK, I have to say when I arrived at Koenig Thunderbird cafe at 5:30 on a Thursday I was in no way craving anything hot or caffeinated. The 90 degree weather was wearing me thin and something else at this coffee shop sounded way more palatable.

Thunderbird offers daily beer specials.

Beer! For a dollar! Huzzah!

Thursdays happy hour features Tecate for just a dollar. I already was a fan of the coffee, the food and the scenery, adding beer to that equation just makes it harder to go elsewhere.

I have been here a few times and I enjoy the vibe. The seating area isn’t particularly large which makes it hard to be reclusive, which I found more inviting than intruding. One of the reasons I enjoy coffee shops has to do with the open and friendly atmosphere. Thunderbird is calm and welcoming.

Thunderbird's funky interior

While I was enjoying my sandwich a lovely person by the name of Laurne Oholendt leaned over to talk, and eventually gave me her expert opinion on the Koenig Thunderbird: “The chairs are better here, but you can watch the sunset at Manor.”

Thunderbird does good with coffee too, not just chairs. They brew Cuvee beans which are great and local. Maybe not my favorite coffee shop in town, but definitely worth stopping by for the many things they do well.


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