Coffee Shop Ratings

By Julie Bissinger

We thought it’d be a good idea to rate all of the coffee shops that we’ve tried.  Using a scale from 1-10, with 1 being poor and 10 being excellent, we rated each coffeehouse based on four categories:  atmosphere, coffee, food and service.  We also calculated an overall rating by averaging each of the four categories together.

The overall highest rated coffee shops include:  Mozart’s Coffee Roasters (9.5), Houndstooth Coffee (9.2) and Apothecary Cafe & Wine Bar (9.2).

The chart is a bit different from other rating visuals. We chose to use a bubble chart, which depicts higher rated coffeehouses in larger bubbles and lower rated places in smaller bubbles.

Let us know what you think!


6 responses to “Coffee Shop Ratings

  1. Man, reading this made me think that this should be an Iphone app. Right? One that could have ratings that change and stuff.

  2. Very cool visualization; very straight and to the point. I love Mozarts so I’m definitely in favor of that being #1. Plus an iPhone app for this would be fantastic, especially with Austin culture.

  3. Awesome visualization! it’s very convenient to see everything being ranked in such a clean and visual manner.

  4. I think this was definitely a useful visual (and ditto Lauren on Mozart’s). My only question would be, are you allowed to adjust the size of the bubbles at all? It’s just a tad difficult to really see the differences between the bubble sizes.

  5. I like the criteria you use to rate the coffee shops, but I also think it would provide more perspective to include factors like authentic austin feel (eclectic chairs or artifacts from all around austin hanging on the walls v. more standardized, Starbucks-looking interior design), location and accessibility (is it really out of the way or hard to get to/park at), etc. I feel like it’s the “It’s a great coffee shop, BUT —-” characteristics that determine whether a coffee shop is really worth going to more than once, and you can’t really understand those subtleties with only more general criteria.

  6. Janet, thanks for the suggestion! A lot of those characteristics tend to not be uniform across the board, though, so it would be hard to rate each coffee shop’s idiosyncrasies without sounding too general or getting into too much detail.

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