Flipnotics is Out of This World

By Julie Bissinger

Flipnotics is built on a steep hill in the heart of South Austin. Photo by Julie Bissinger

During my quest to find coffee shops around Austin, I came across Flipnotics on a Google search.  The website is space-alien themed, so I figured this coffee shop must be a cool place to hang out or to catch up on work.  I could not have been more correct.

Flipnotics, located at 1601 Barton Springs Rd., lives up to its eccentric qualities displayed on its website.  The coffee shop is perched up on a steep hill and is surrounded by trees.  The large outdoor seating deck features odd decorations like an old television set converted into a fish tank.  Flipnotics also holds live music concerts on its patio throughout the week.

The outdoor patio provides lots of seating and space for live music concerts. Photo by Julie Bissinger

Indoor seating is limited, but to truly enjoy Flipnotics, I think you need to sit outside.  Unless it’s unbearably hot.

Flipnotics serves local brews made from fair-traded organic coffee.  Lots of drinks with espresso shots are available.  The coffee shop also offers milkshakes, which I haven’t seen at other coffeehouses.

Flipnotics features a variety of coffee and non-coffee drinks, such as milkshakes, for patrons to choose from. Photo by Julie Bissinger

I ordered a fresh fruit smoothie made with apple juice, strawberries and bananas.  Flipnotics also has extensive tea, beer and wine offerings.

I ordered a smoothie made with apple juice, strawberries and bananas. It had a good consistency and tasted fresh. Photo by Julie Bissinger

During my visit to the coffee shop, I didn’t see many food items.  There were a few sandwiches and pastries in the food case but not many.  I think this was due to the time of day that I went over to Flipnotics.  I went at 1:30p.m.  The coffeehouse usually has food options from local bakeries like Russell’s Bakery, The Green Cart and Torchy’s Tacos.

Overall, I think Flipnotics is the perfect spot to hang out, especially when live music is playing.  You also don’t feel like you’re in Austin when sitting outside on the patio.  The large trees, festive lights and seating arrangements contribute to an almost tropical atmosphere.


4 responses to “Flipnotics is Out of This World

  1. OMG this place looks awesome I am definitely going to have to check it out and go for some coffee before I graduate… I wish I knew about this place sooner!!!

  2. There’s even more ambiance at night when the bands are playing- the festive lights make for an intimate listening environment. Also, I don’t always see milkshakes at coffee shops, either, but I do remember tasting an Espresso shake at Halcyon recently- it was delicious!

  3. Destinee Hodge

    Now this is unique. I will definitely have to make a stop here before I leave Austin. I’ll have to ditto Rachel on not knowing about the place sooner!

  4. I’ve been meaning to come here for a while, mostly because I’ve heard a lot about the live music. I’ll check it out soon!

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