Caffe Medici on the drag is a students paradise

Roast beef sandwich paired with an espresso

by Zach Miller

Caffe Medici is an excellent place to get coffee and the location on Guadalupe Street in no exception.

The Baristas at Medici are super friendly and pro coffee culture. I listened in last week as Barista Thomas King talked with a customer about coffee drinks for about 5 minutes. He discussed how the drinks they prepare differ from Starbucks drink. Often times he will show new coffee drinkers the difference and guide them towards ordering what they really want.

Interestingly he told me that he doesn’t dislike the concept of Starbucks. They may have modified and sweetened traditional coffee drinks, but Starbucks opens up the world of coffee to people.

Although the coffee and the food is great, the seating isn’t so great. They are just plain metal chairs that aren’t so inviting. The setting is cool and dark, the music is mellow, but those chairs just don’t make you want to stick around for a prolonged time.

Even if you may not sit and stay a while, the coffee is worth the visit. I wander down to get an Americano and roast beef sandwich as often as possible.


3 responses to “Caffe Medici on the drag is a students paradise

  1. I love Cafe Medici. Its very cozy, and an easy spot to go to between classes. The chair thing bothered me also, but that is why I sit upstairs more than anywhere else in the shop. I recently saw the downtown location, and I definitely feel like the Guad location is being jipped.

  2. I think that it’s weird how often I see professors and TA’s here. I like to come in there just to see if I recognize anybody in there. It’s a little expensive for me though.

  3. I agree with Matt. I feel like I can get coffee cheaper at Starbucks. But Cafe Medici one of a kind that everyone should visit at least once!

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