Russell’s Bistro, just go already!

by Zach Miller

Russell’s Bistro is one of the places in town you will want to take someone to impress them. It fits all the requirements: great ambience, fairly secluded, decently priced food(lunch anyway), and of course good coffee.

Russell’s is on Kerbey Lane next to the original Kerbey Lane cafe and Anderson’s coffee Roasters off of 38th Street.

It was just cozy. Maybe I liked it because I went on the one rainy cold day we will have in May, and watching the rain out of the large window set the coffee drinking mood.

Either way it is worth checking out for lunch, which they serve until 5 p.m.

I had a macchiato and it wasn’t traditional, more cream than anything, but they put it in a big cup so I was satisfied. They brew Anderson’s coffee, which is next door.

The atmosphere is just spectacular at Russell’s. The deep and dark wood complementing the color scheme of the walls was pleasant. It is a place you wouldn’t mind wasting an afternoon in.

They have a gool shaded patio too!


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