Austin, Texas boasts a thriving coffee shop and lounge scene, as well as some noteworthy tea-sipping spots. This site explores all aspects of the coffee culture in the capital city, from the brews and pastries to the patrons and proprietors.


Lara BerendtLara Berendt is a multimedia journalism senior at the University of Texas. A proud Austin resident since 2006, she’ll be sticking around after graduation to continue taking advantage of the town’s vibrant arts and culture scene. She frequents coffee lounges to study, read, surf the net, or do some surreptitious people-watching. During Austin’s hot weather months, her caffeinated beverage of choice is an iced coffee or tea. With enough air conditioning, though, she continues her quest for the perfect cappuccino, or double espresso when feeling adventurous.
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Email: laraberendt@gmail.com

Julie Bissinger is a multimedia journalism major at the University of Texas.  She spent the Fall 2010 semester in Washington, DC, as a Congressman Bill Archer Fellow.  While in Washington, she interned full time at U.S. Sen. John Cornyn’s legislative office and took a full load of courses.  Even though she constantly keeps herself busy and often doesn’t get much sleep, she’s not like most people you’d find at a coffee shop.  She doesn’t drink coffee.  She’s an avid tea drinker with an insatiable sweet tooth, and coffee shops generally have extensive tea and pastry offerings.  With a good cup of tea and a tasty dessert, she can sit and study in a coffee shop for hours.
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Email:  julie.bissinger@mail.utexas.edu

Zach Miller is also a multimedia journalism senior at UT. He has written for The Daily Texan’s Life and Arts section, so he has acquired a taste for schmaltzy writing and a coffee blog is right up his alley. He has also written for The News Dispatch of Dripping Springs and Wimberley. Most of all, he just really likes coffee: the various methods of brewing it and the different ways it can taste interest him. There is nothing he likes to do more than sit in a big chair and drink coffee, so he looks forward to further exploring his pastime through this blog project.
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Email: bobbyespecial@gmail.com


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