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Caffe Medici on the drag is a students paradise

Roast beef sandwich paired with an espresso

by Zach Miller

Caffe Medici is an excellent place to get coffee and the location on Guadalupe Street in no exception.

The Baristas at Medici are super friendly and pro coffee culture. I listened in last week as Barista Thomas King talked with a customer about coffee drinks for about 5 minutes. He discussed how the drinks they prepare differ from Starbucks drink. Often times he will show new coffee drinkers the difference and guide them towards ordering what they really want.
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Russell’s Bistro, just go already!

by Zach Miller

Russell’s Bistro is one of the places in town you will want to take someone to impress them. It fits all the requirements: great ambience, fairly secluded, decently priced food(lunch anyway), and of course good coffee.

Russell’s is on Kerbey Lane next to the original Kerbey Lane cafe and Anderson’s coffee Roasters off of 38th Street.

It was just cozy. Maybe I liked it because I went on the one rainy cold day we will have in May, and watching the rain out of the large window set the coffee drinking mood.

Either way it is worth checking out for lunch, which they serve until 5 p.m.
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Monkey Nest: good coffee, great atmosphere!

The clean and neat coffee bar at Monkey Nest


By Zach Miller

Monkey Nest is truly the median between the funky coffee houses of Austin and the corporate coffee giant looming on every corner.

I will never admit I like anything related to Starbucks, BUT I have to say Monkey Nest feels like a corporate shop enlivened with master Baristas and a community consciousness I can wrap my head around.

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