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Relax and Unwind at Texas French Bread

By Julie Bissinger

Texas French Bread, located at 2900 Rio Grande, offers quality coffee, fresh-baked bread and pastries and a large lunch menu. Photo by Julie Bissinger

I finally found a great French bistro in Austin.  Texas French Bread doesn’t really fit the mold of a coffee shop, but that doesn’t stop the bakery from serving up a great cup of Joe.

Located at 2900 Rio Grande, just outside the West Campus neighborhood, Texas French Bread is a convenient lunch alternative for University of Texas students.  Texas French Bread caters to a mixed crowd, including twenty-somethings, families with young children and older generations.  The country decor and open space make the bistro a more sophisticated lunch option.  Continue reading


Coffee Shop Ratings

By Julie Bissinger

We thought it’d be a good idea to rate all of the coffee shops that we’ve tried.  Using a scale from 1-10, with 1 being poor and 10 being excellent, we rated each coffeehouse based on four categories:  atmosphere, coffee, food and service.  We also calculated an overall rating by averaging each of the four categories together.

The overall highest rated coffee shops include:  Mozart’s Coffee Roasters (9.5), Houndstooth Coffee (9.2) and Apothecary Cafe & Wine Bar (9.2).

The chart is a bit different from other rating visuals. We chose to use a bubble chart, which depicts higher rated coffeehouses in larger bubbles and lower rated places in smaller bubbles.

Let us know what you think!

JP’s Java: A Close-to-Campus Getaway for UT Students

By Julie Bissinger

JP's Java, located within walking distance from the University of Texas campus, offers an ideal study environment and high quality drinks. Photo by Julie Bissinger

JP’s Java offers a cozy environment and delicious coffee drinks for University of Texas students and professionals alike.  This coffeehouse is a bit tamer than some of the previous places that I’ve been to. Continue reading

Caught in the Web at Spider House

By Julie Bissinger

Spider House, located at 2908 Fruth St., is a quirky cafe just north of the University of Texas campus that offers a wide range of food and drink items. Photo by Julie Bissinger

A trip to Spider House gives you a full dose of Austin culture.  Spider House embodies the slogan “Keep Austin Weird.” The old, rusted bed frames that form a fence around the outdoor patio immediately caught my eye. Continue reading

La Tazza Fresca: A great North Campus hideaway

By Zach Miller

La Tazza Fresca is a great little coffee shop nested on 37th street and Guadalupe.

T Fresca is rich with both large and small tables. There are tables everywhere. This coffee shop caters to students needing an alternative and cool place to study or just a small group of board-gamers who also like java.

The owner roasts the beans herself which is equally cool and funky. A regular cup of joe has accents of cinnamon because it has been incorporated in the roasting process. Continue reading

The Coffee Haus: A Hot Spot for Studying

By Julie Bissinger

The Coffee Haus offers a convenient location for University of Texas students to study, grab a quick lunch and meet with friends. Photo by Julie Bissinger

The Coffee Haus is a hit among University of Texas students.  On most days, The Coffee Haus is filled with studying UT students.  Located in the heart of UT’s West Campus neighborhood, the coffee shop’s convenience and low capacity attracts students. Continue reading