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Relax and Unwind at Texas French Bread

By Julie Bissinger

Texas French Bread, located at 2900 Rio Grande, offers quality coffee, fresh-baked bread and pastries and a large lunch menu. Photo by Julie Bissinger

I finally found a great French bistro in Austin.  Texas French Bread doesn’t really fit the mold of a coffee shop, but that doesn’t stop the bakery from serving up a great cup of Joe.

Located at 2900 Rio Grande, just outside the West Campus neighborhood, Texas French Bread is a convenient lunch alternative for University of Texas students.  Texas French Bread caters to a mixed crowd, including twenty-somethings, families with young children and older generations.  The country decor and open space make the bistro a more sophisticated lunch option.  Continue reading


Flipnotics is Out of This World

By Julie Bissinger

Flipnotics is built on a steep hill in the heart of South Austin. Photo by Julie Bissinger

During my quest to find coffee shops around Austin, I came across Flipnotics on a Google search.  The website is space-alien themed, so I figured this coffee shop must be a cool place to hang out or to catch up on work.  I could not have been more correct.

Flipnotics, located at 1601 Barton Springs Rd., lives up to its eccentric qualities displayed on its website.  The coffee shop is perched up on a steep hill and is surrounded by trees.  The large outdoor seating deck features odd decorations like an old television set converted into a fish tank.  Flipnotics also holds live music concerts on its patio throughout the week. Continue reading

Kick Butt Coffee isn’t so Kick Butt

By Julie Bissinger

Kick Butt Coffee has two locations in the Austin-area, one at 4600 Guadalupe (pictured) and 5775 Airport Blvd. Photo by Julie Bissinger

I stumbled upon Kick Butt Coffee over the weekend before I met some friends for dinner at the Triangle.  I decided to come back, and check it out.  I figured the place must be called Kick Butt Coffee for a reason.

Once I walked inside, I was a bit surprised.  Martial arts equipment and Samurai swords adorned the walls.  The menu was typed in Asian-themed font.  I felt as though I was in a sushi restaurant that smelled of blueberries.  Ironically, Kick Butt does not serve any Asian dishes, unless the “Jackie Chan Cheddar and Ham Samich” counts. Continue reading

Apothecary isn’t Just a Cafe and Wine Bar

By Julie Bissinger

Apothecary Cafe & Wine Bar, located in central Austin, offers a quiet environment for patrons to relax and enjoy good food and drinks. Photo by Julie Bissinger

Several of my friends recommended that I try out Apothecary Cafe & Wine Bar. I’m glad that I listened.  Apothecary served up one of the best lattes I’ve had so far.  Their food was just as good, too.

Located in the Rosedale Village Shopping Center at 4800 Burnet Road, Apothecary is ideal for catching up on work or taking advantage of happy hour deals.  The environment does not resemble that of most other Austin-area coffee shops.  The cluttered, artsy interior that is characteristic of many Austin coffeehouses is replaced with spaciousness and a sophisticated aura.  Apothecary caters to people in their 30s and 40s with its soothing folk/jazz music and wine bar. Continue reading

Cupprimo: On-the-Go Sweets and Drinks

By Julie Bissinger

Cupprimo Cupcakery & Coffee Spot, located at 8650 Spicewood Springs Road, serves up coffee and freshly baked cupcakes to patrons. Photo by Julie Bissinger

Convenience is at its best at Cupprimo Cupcakery & Coffee Spot.  The shop specializes in serving coffee drinks and fresh-baked cupcakes from its tiny North Austin location.

Boasting more than 20 different cupcake flavors and a large coffee menu, Cupprimo caters to those with a sweet tooth and caffeine cravings.  There is limited seating, making Cupprimo more of a grab and go place. Continue reading

Don’t get in traffic, go to Pacha instead

pacha coffee house

Pacha's "Pachamama" logo is a fertility goddess from the Andes.

By Zach Miller

Pacha is a cozy little house with a landmark coffee cup sign on Burnet. Although this coffee shop is located on a busy street, the mood inside is lax and friendly.

To those who find themselves struggling to get north at traffic times, Pacha can serve you a great latte and some relief from the hustle and bustle. At 4618 Burnet Road it would be a quick detour from Mopac.

I was suggested to try the Pacha Latte and I’m so glad I did. This frothy delight was gently sweetened and had a mellow nutty aftertaste. It took me 20 minutes to figure out why I enjoyed it so much, the walnut-iness was perfect.  I am firmly against any combination of sugar and coffee, BUT this signature drink brought it all together nicely. As most lattes go, they are mostly milk and just a bit of coffee. Even though this combination isn’t terribly appealing to me, I will absolutely go back for this drink. Superb.
Continue reading