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Relax and Unwind at Texas French Bread

By Julie Bissinger

Texas French Bread, located at 2900 Rio Grande, offers quality coffee, fresh-baked bread and pastries and a large lunch menu. Photo by Julie Bissinger

I finally found a great French bistro in Austin.  Texas French Bread doesn’t really fit the mold of a coffee shop, but that doesn’t stop the bakery from serving up a great cup of Joe.

Located at 2900 Rio Grande, just outside the West Campus neighborhood, Texas French Bread is a convenient lunch alternative for University of Texas students.  Texas French Bread caters to a mixed crowd, including twenty-somethings, families with young children and older generations.  The country decor and open space make the bistro a more sophisticated lunch option.  Continue reading


Halcyon, Not Your Ordinary Coffeehouse

By Julie Bissinger

Halcyon is an upscale bar/coffeehouse hybrid located in the heart of downtown Austin. Photo by Julie Bissinger

Upon walking into Halcyon, I immediately noticed that it didn’t resemble previous coffeehouses that I’ve been to.  The loud music, full bar and tobacco shop surprised me.

Halcyon, located at 218 W. 4th St., is a “coffeehouse by day, bar and lounge by night,” according to its website.  This description sums up Halcyon in a nutshell.   Continue reading

JP’s Java: A Close-to-Campus Getaway for UT Students

By Julie Bissinger

JP's Java, located within walking distance from the University of Texas campus, offers an ideal study environment and high quality drinks. Photo by Julie Bissinger

JP’s Java offers a cozy environment and delicious coffee drinks for University of Texas students and professionals alike.  This coffeehouse is a bit tamer than some of the previous places that I’ve been to. Continue reading

Like the Composer, Mozart’s is a Classic

By Julie Bissinger

Mozart's Coffee Roasters is known for its wide variety of drinks, baked goods and live music. Photo by Julie Bissinger

Great drinks?  Check.  Great food?  Check.  Great views of Lake Austin?  Check.  Mozart’s Coffee Roasters has everything you’d want out of a coffee shop.  Even live music.  First-time patrons quickly become regulars because of Mozart’s fun atmosphere. Continue reading

Medici has mastered the espresso art form

By Lara Berendt

Caffe Medici espresso

A poignant but creamy single espresso and a moist, chewy peanut butter cookie from Caffe Medici on West Lynn Street comprise a perfect afternoon snack. Photo by Lara Berendt.

It’s not hard to botch espresso. Preparing a top-notch single shot is harder than it looks. For those Austin residents who recognize that burnt espresso is not an inevitability, Caffe Medici provides a safe harbor.

Medici’s proprietors understand the value of high-end equipment, and have invested in the crema (forgive the bad pun) of the crop when it comes to espresso machines: a La Marzocco FB 80. This equipment runs anywhere from $10,000-$15,000, an expense that serious coffee shop entrepreneurs consider a necessity, not a splurge. According to Medici’s website, their baristas flush the machine at midday and evening, and perform a deep clean overnight to prevent any leftover espresso residue from flavoring the final product. Continue reading